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سه‌لماندن له‌ڕێگه‌ی شه‌كه‌تكردن

سه‌لماندن له‌ڕێگای شه‌كه‌تكردن (Proof by exhaustion) یاخود چه‌ند ناوێكی تریشی هه‌یه‌ له‌وانه‌؛ سه‌لماندن له‌ڕێگای كه‌یسه‌كانه‌وه‌ ، سه‌لماندن به‌ برۆت-فۆرس ( brute force method)




Proof by exhaustion, also known as proof by casesproof by case analysisperfect induction, or the brute force method, is a method of mathematical proof in which the statement to be proved is split into a finite number of cases or sets of equivalent cases and each type of case is checked to see if the proposition in question holds.[1] This is a method of direct proof. A proof by exhaustion contains two stages:

  1. A proof that the cases are exhaustive; i.e., that each instance of the statement to be proved matches the conditions of (at least) one of the cases.
  2. A proof of each of the cases.

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